Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Great Blushes for Women of Color! Bronze to Deep Skin Tones

Finding a good blush is indeed a long and tiresome experience which requires lots of patience and invested time.  The manner in which blush is applied or how it blends with ones skin tone can make a huge difference in appearance.  There is no other piece of make-up which can cheapen ones look as  much as an unflattering blush.  Your blush can turn you into the ultimate diva or a sorry clown with just one stroke of the brush. The experience of finding a good blush is even more difficult for women of color as many of the shades on the market are either too light, hence making no impact or too powdery and appears ashy. 

With that said, there are some very well formulated blushes on the market which are very complimentary to dark/bronzed skin tones.  Companies such as MAC, NARS and Laura Mercier, to mention a few, have some great products to choose from.  With this post I will concentrate on the NARS blushes. 

NARS Taj Mahal blush-   Do not be afraid!  I think this blush is very often passed over at the NARS counter as the color looks so out of this world. By looking at this directly from the package one would think this product is there for decoration rather than for sale.  This is one of the most amazing and versatile blushes I have ever had the pleasure of using.  An absolutely must have for women with Orange/Yellow undertones or Bronzed skin.  This color is described as burnt orange with shimmer and is made with transparent pigments.  There is very little shimmer upon application and actually I do not even notice it. Taj Mahal gives the most beautiful sun kissed glow and brings the entire face in focus.  Absolute blush heaven and by far one of my favorite blushes.  When at the NARS counter, please give this blush a try.  This could change your opinion regarding orange blushes entirely.  Before trying this out, I would have never thought of picking up an orange blush to brighten my complexion.  I have always used bronzing powders exclusively. 
NARS Taos blush -  This blush is described as desert rose with shimmer and should be a staple in the beauty arsenal of any girl wanting to have rosy cheeks with a natural glow.  Many rose blushes are very ashy or too powder pink and therefore not suitable for deep skin tones.  Taos is more of a coral rose and compliments deep skin tones superbly.  This color is sheer upon application and can be built up.  It blends nicely with the skin and gives the perfect natural rosy flush.  The added touch of shimmer brings the complexion to life and is just stunning. This is a great blush for wearing especially at night or  formal events as it is just so classy.  This is the Orgasm for olive to deep skin tones. 

NARS Crazed blush -  This blush is described as Raspberry red with shimmer and looks especially flattering on deep cocoa skin tones.  For girls who are more on the deep end of the color spectrum and rose literally disappears, this on will give you the perfect flush of color.  Crazed is sexy as hell and just what one needs for adding that special touch during the day or night.     

NARS blushes are very highly pigmented and should be applied with a light hand.  Just a small amount of product is needed and therefor these blushes are well worth the price.  They retail at €29 Eur/ $25. More information can be found on the NARS website: NARS Cosmetics

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